social sciences
It groups teaching staff members from the following faculties:
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics,
Faculty of Geography,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
that engage in scientific research activities, individual or collective, within the research centers:

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
Teaching staff members within the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics realize the research activities inside Research Center in Mathematics and Informatics, especially by individual studies, in agreement with their specialization in mathematics or informatics. The researches are made on four main directions, namely: theoretical mathematics, applied mathematics, theoretical informatics, and applied informatics. The Research center organizes CAMAI (Conferinţa Anuală de Matematici Aplicate şi Informatică , meaning: Annual Conference in Applied Mathematics and Informatics) and members of Research Center actively participate to national and international scientific meeting.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine operates the Research Center for Veterinary Health Science — "VETSCIENCE", an organization of scientific research in the Spiru Haret University. The mission of Veterinary Science Research Center is consistent with the mission of Spiru Haret University and it is to develop the scientific research in veterinary medicine. The members of VETSCIENCE are active participants in national and international research projects and organizers/co-organizers of national and international scientific meetings (National Conference of Medical Mycolgy, International Conference on Animal Health Science, International Symposium AWARE — Farm animal welfare research in an enlarged Europe etc ) as presented on the website of Spiru Haret University, Central Institute for Scientific Research section.

Researcher of the month - December

Ioana Andreea MARINESCU

Education and training resulting from the knowledge gained in the attendance and completion of study forms and specializations school, undergraduate and doctoral level, as follows:

- High school High School Chemistry \"Costin Nenitescu\" Pitesti (1990-1994), High School Diploma;

- Faculty of Sciences, Department Physics-Chemistry, University of Pitesti, (1996-2000) with a Bachelor\'s degree, 4 years full time;

- Faculty of Financial Management Accounting, Management Specialization, Spiru Haret University, Bucharest (2009-2012), with bachelor\'s degree, full time.

In 2007 we completed postgraduate masters course in project management / scientific research and education Ecological University of Bucharest.

In 2010, I graduated Ph.D., obtaining a Ph.D in Science at the University of Petrosani (Order of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport no. 4542/28.07.2010).

In 2002 I was issued a certificate of completion in education award, Chemistry, by the Minister of Education no. 4889, which validates my competence and preparation for higher educational activity.

Since 2010, in addition to training, I joined the second doctorate at the Free International University of Moldova, Moldova, specialization: Management, to complete interdisciplinary skills in chemistry and physics.

In addition professional profile can be found and other forms of training, refresher and specialization that have graduated over time as follows:

- Training in advanced sciences, namely biotechnology and Biomedical field, by conducting chemical analysis and biomedical high-resolution medical institutions, local and national.

- In this framework, I, as a member of the Order biochemists, biologists and chemists in the health system in Romania am a holder of Authorisation no. 121/2010.

- I have obtained certificate of graduation teaching pedagogy for teaching activities (Postgraduate Teaching and Pedagogical Training) by validating professional competence through completed (2002).

- I got the certificate of completion of training programs for skills trainer by the Ministry of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (2010), in Romania of Tomorrow Foundation, the Center for Training professional.

Following high school that I made in chemistry profile, and the profile degree in chemistry and physics and chemistry specialization, continuing with doctoral improvement in innovative problem of extracting useful substances from bio-geological environment have extended the training environment and have acquired skills through:

- I obtained from Ministry of Health Authorisation free practice (no. 121/2010) for the profession of chemist in facilities approved by the Ministry of Health, in accordance with Law no. 460/2003, as a result of competence to practice biochemist, biologist and chemist;

- I obtained the certificate (series 945/42/2005) National Expert in General Management and Management Consulting, including health services;

- I graduated school sanitary college over 3 years, obtaining certificate of competence for nurses in pharmacy health care and teaching.

As a member of the Order of biochemists, biologists and chemists have developed activities in the health system in Romania (engaged in laboratory tests at SC Dr. Necula SRL Pitesti).

From 2010 I was employed as a Senior Researcher in the project to improve the systems efficient use of renewable energies (project financed by EU structural funds, Axis 4/2010 of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports).

In this context, are collectively responsible research position for the theme on biophysical and biochemical consequences of the use of renewable resources, those unconventional economic efficiency, energy-human interaction design technique and is framed by the director of the project.

The solutions given are seeking competitive advantage for Scientific biophysical and biochemical environmental management and utilization of renewable energy resources, particularly solar energy, using innovative collection systems, to convert solar radiation into heat, to alter the thermal regime in infrastructure to improve living conditions in human communities.

I published a total of 10 books, 6 in field biophysical / biochemical.

One of the books published is cataloged in the cultural, literary, is provided as complete personal conceptual way of thinking, developed for the scientific and technical area acquired on the improvement of teaching and learning teaching and education. I published 2 articles ISI referring to simultaneous chemical absorption problems, namely the problem of absence of lead and mercury ions.

I also published 6 articles yet rated B +, ISI.

In this context, the scientific and educational institutions in national and international have made a real contribution to completing the study and research resources in biophysics and biochemistry, eco-technologies, general eologizării environment, promoting extensive knowledge of contemporary issues in physics and chemistry.

I published a total of 43 articles in physics, chemistry, scientific, technical and economic journals recognized at home and abroad.

As a researcher in the Solar Energy Research Unit Pitesti is the author, co-author and contributor to two scientific papers in collective contract / grant from EU structural funds and the Knowledge Development Foundation have membership the research team for ongoing projects.

I also developed and presented five papers at scientific sessions of physical-chemical technical and economic in the country and abroad.

I attended and presented a number of 3 Scientific abroad at prestigious international meetings in Egypt and Moldova.

Concerns the issue of renewable energy in the surrogate by physical and chemical, biophysical and biochemical respectively, are reflected by allowing the author of a number of 4 papers (2010) in International Conference organized by Energy World Energy Council.

In those works are dealt with aspects of the new regime bases mainly quasi-regenerative heat in buildings using renewable energy in conjunction with some original considerations on the interaction man-sufficiency energy and conventional energy resources in Romania.

However, the content of scientific materials accepted at international events of World Energy Council have treated the general context of reconturării energy potential in Romania and, on this basis, we advanced new technical-scientific ideas about how to isolate balanced infrastructure construction to optimize the thermal conventional comfort favorable, so linking biophysical and biochemical structure of human behavior to find optimized.

In the Magazine Mine (2008) (rated B + ISI) have reported problems present in the gold mining alluvial area Merisani-Arges, and in 2 articles we systematically topics related to improving processes operating and recovery of gold alluvial, describing models for optimization-based biophysical and biochemical exploration, economic, technical and productive field.

Creative activity and research in biophysics and biochemistry is the result of systemic vision and their ability to generalize the positive conventional solutions obtained in the work personally permanent school community, university education in general.

The essential aspect of the scientific and professional field biophysics and biochemistry resulting from articulation, that composition concerns in the context of professional personal training to acquire skills that are favorable practical behavior in the new knowledge-based economy, while the scientific research, novelty and innovation characterizes modern economic and operational structures.