social sciences

Humanities is an academic discipline that studies the human condition, using methods that are primarily analytic, critical, or speculative as opposed to the empirical approaches common to the natural sciences. The utility of humanities research is appraised over extended periods of time, the results being important for the society in which we live since it relates the knowledge of the past to an understanding of the future, from the formative angle of culture, essential for the civilized human condition as well as the social and economic evolution of the country in which we reside.

The mission of the faculties with a humanities profile at USH constitutes in preparing future specialists in the fields of International Relations, European Studies, History and Philosophy, Philology, Media and Communication, and Physical Education and Sport, thereby assuring them a realistic chance in competing on a free labor market, as well as developing scientific research activity. The teaching staff at these faculties aims at stimulating thought and the creative forces of the students, at preparing qualified professionals, active and responsible citizens, with an elevated potential to be implicated in developing the Romanian society, in terms of its representation at the European Union level.

Researcher of the month - December

Lecturer PhD Valentina Bianchi

• A graduate of the University of Bucharest, with a thesis in French on the theatre of the absurd >
• Ph.D. of the University of Bucharest, CESI (Center of Excellence in the Study of Image), with a comparative study of the French surrealism versus Belgian surrealism of French expression>
• As a specialist of the XX-th century French literature (mainly poetry and theatre), as well as of francophone studies (Belgian), she is the author of numerous articles on the contemporary literature and art (Samuel Beckett, Eugène Ionesco, Paul Nougé, Claire Lejeune, the phenomenon of the avangarde, etc) >
• She has recently earned several research scholarships at Musée et Archives de la Littérature, Bruxelles, offered by the Wallonie-Bruxelles International, Ministry of the French Community in Belgium, in order to study contemporary Belgian literature and contemporary French literature>
• She is co-author (with Savin Bratu, Ion Braescu, Elena Brateanu et alii) of the enciclopedic Dictionary of French Writers, published at Polirom, 2012, under the coordination of Angela Ion, with articles on French theatre>
• Author of Paul Nougé, René Magritte, L’objet bouleversant, Ed. Presses Interuniversitaires Européennes (P.I.E) Peter Lang, Bruxelles, 2015>
• Member of AEEF (Association Européenne des Etudes Francophones)