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Economics is a field primarily concerned with the efficient allocation of scarce resources, but over the centuries has grown tremendously to cover a broad range of individual and social phenomena.  In fact, modern economics extends to and overlaps with a number of disciplines in the social and physical sciences, thereby encompassing an extensive collection of interdisciplinary research.

At USH, individual and collective research programs focus on applied micro- and macroeconomic issues.  A central concern in this respect is the development of efficient markets in the post-Communist Eastern European block, and in consequence, the sustainable growth and development of the macroeconomies.  A rigorous, comprehensive analysis of the latter is indeed an ambitious undertaking, but one that is instrumental in responding to the contemporary challenges facing Romania\'s and European societies.  To that end, and in the spirit of modern economics, it requires substantial interdisciplinary collaboration.  USH meets this challenge by facilitating the formation of research collectives comprising of members of various faculties within USH, as well as members of external universities and organizations worldwide.

Specific research agendas at USH cover topics such as those related to the optimization and efficient management of private enterprises and public institutions, regulatory control of emerging markets and privatization policies, labor market equality and mobility, international trade and integration with Western European economies, as well as macroeconomic forecasting, analysis and policy derivation with limited and unstable data.

Research efforts at USH are financially supported by a variety of external sources, such as private funding, Romanian governmental grants and European structural funds.  Consequently, particular focus over the past years has been on instructing and assisting USH researchers in accessing the various funding schemes.  This endeavor has resulted in a number of sponsored projects and key collaborations at the international level.  For example, USH recently partnered with the International Trade Center of Geneva and the The Export Council of the Ministry of Economics, Commerce and Business Environment in the drafting of the National Export Strategy 2007-2013.

Aside from the academic aspect of Economic research, USH staff is also directly inolved in supporting the Romanian business community through ongoing consulting efforts.  The principle objective of these activities is to provide practitioners with modern management tools and methodologies, which stimulates efficiency and the development of Romanian enterprises (especially the SMEs), hence contributing to the sustainable growth of Romanian markets and the national economy.

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is PhD Professor at the Faculty of Financial Management Accounting from Craiova, Spiru Haret University, Romania, where she teaches Elements of Information Technology, Business Informatics, Databases, Decision System Support, E-Business.
She received in 2005 PhD diploma in economy, research area: Economic Cybernetic from University of Craiova, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.
She is also the manager of the European Research Centre of Managerial Studies in Business Administration (www.cesmaa.eu) and Vice-president – projects implementation of Association for Sustainable Education, Research and Science (www.asers.eu).
Starting with 2008, she joined as volunteer in RePEC team to edits weekly report on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy and from 2010 is General Editor of New Economic Papers.
Present researches: 2 grants: AT no.80GR/2007 Organizational Reengineering as Efficient Solution for Basic Restructuring of Business. Study Case Concerning the Elaboration of the Reengineering Projects Using Informational Technologies and PCE_II_2008 _2_IDEAS The Management of Knowledge for the Virtual Organization. Possibilities to Support Management using Systems Based on Knowledge’ funded by The National University Research Council from Romania, 4 Books and many articles in business informatics field and participations at international conferences.
For more details about her activities here.