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     Month: April , Domain: HUMANITIES

George Volceanov (n. 1956)

  • A graduate of the Univesity of Bucharest, with a degree in English and Hungarian, he received a Ph.D. in English literature from the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.
  • He is a distinguished academic, researcher, especially in Shakespeare studies (focusing on the making and reception of the Shakespeare canon in England and Romania), lexicographer (authoring dictionaries of Romanian, English and Hungarian slang), and literary translator.
  • As a translator, he has received several awards.
  • He is a founding member of the European Shakespeare Research Association and an honorary member of the International Shakespeare centre in Timişoara.
  • His Shakespeare monographs are included in the World Catalogue and they have been acquired by the libraries of the Stanford and Indiana Universities in the USA as well as the library of the Exeter University in the UK, and the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D. C.
  • He has contributed to the enlargement of the Shakespeare canon in Romanian via translations of recently canonized texts (The Two Noble Kinsmen, Edward II, fragments from Sir Thomas More).
  • He has initiated a new edition of Shakespeare\'s Complete Works (the third such edition in the history of Shakespeare’s reception in Romania) – it is a non-censored, de-bowdlerized, stage-oriented edition in modernized vocabulary accessible to the present-day readers and spectators.
    The new edition, whose general editor is George Volceanov, is the result of the project titled “A Shakespeare for the Third Millennium”, currently unfolding under the aegis of the Scientific Research Centre of the Faculty of Letters in Spiru Haret University.
    The project is endorsed by a group of talented writers who have established a reputation as translators as well, and academics from eight universities (seven from Romania and one from England).

  •      Month: May , Domain: SCIENCES
    Grigore Albeanu

    Grigore Albeanu received his B.S. in computer science (1984) and his Ph.D. in Mathematics (1996) from the University of Bucharest, Romania with a thesis on nonlinear models (computational statistics approaches). From 1984 to 1989 he worked as a software developer for ICAS and CCSIT-ITC in Bucharest (data analysis, computer aided design, information systems, real time operating systems, computer graphics). Starting with 1991 and until 2002 he has held positions as assistant, lecturer, and associate professor of computer science at the University of Bucharest. He was appointed professor of computer science at University of Oradea in 2002 [MEC decision 5286/28.12.2001]. In the period 2004 - 2007 he was the head (Chairman) of the UNESCO IT Department at University of Oradea. Since 2007, he is professor of computer science at Spiru Haret University in Bucharest.

    His current research interests include different aspects of scientific computing, modelling and simulation, software reliability, virtual reality techniques, software-based computation and E-Learning.

    Grigore Albeanu has authored or co-authored more than 80 papers and 10 educational textbooks in applied mathematics and computer science.

    He is a member of various scientific boards in Romania and abroad, being active as a referee (IJCCC Conferences: ICCCC, CSEDU, IARIA, SSARS, ICVL), reviewer (for ACM Computing reviews since 1988), chairman (International Conferences: ESREL 2005, ELSE 2007, ELSE 2008, ELSE 2009, SSARS 2009, etc), and invited professor (SSARS).

    Jointly with Marin Vlada (project coordinator, University of Bucharest) Mircea Dorin Popovici (Ovidius University of Constanta) and Radu Jugureanu (SIVECO Romania) he organizes the International Conference on Virtual Learning (http://www.icvl.eu).

         Month: June , Domain: SCIENCES
    Iordan Duda

    Iordan Duda graduated mathematics (1975) and has a Ph.D. in Mathematics (1988) from the University of Bucharest. His doctoral thesis addresses the modeling of continuum mechanics related to rock type materials and develops a new method for solving nonlinear equations by the Fliess series expansion. Between 1977 and 1999 he held positions as assistant, lecturer and associate professor of mathematics at the Technical University of Bucharest and Academy of Police Al Cuza. Since 2000, he is professor at Spiru Haret University in Bucharest.

    He is a founding member of the Romania de Maine Foundation and Spiru Haret University (19 February 1991), and founding member of the Balkan Forum for Communication BFC-2005 Kavala, Greece. Since 2011, he is member in the Management Bord of the European Association of Erasmus Coordinators.

    In 2004, he received the title Knight of the Order of Merit in the rank of officer of education.

    Over his career he has written 28 books and monographs, over 40 scientific articles in various areas of mathematics and computer science and has participated and organized over 40 national and international conferences. In his thesis and subsequent work he proposed and developed a new method for integrating the model equations of the elastovascoplastic behavior of rocks by transferring the original problem in the theory-method system. His work is the first to describe the local evolution of a dynamic system using solutions from a series in noncommutative variables of type Fliess.

         Month: June , Domain: HUMANITIES
    Ecaterina Patrascu
    She is a Postdoctoral Researcher , Faculty of Philosophy and Social Political Sciences, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi - program POSDRU/89/1.5/S/63663
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         Month: June , Domain: ECONOMICS
    Raluca Zorzoliu
    She is attending the post-doctoral SPODE program (http://postdoc.acad.ro/), at the Romanian Academy, which started in October 2010 and lasts 22 months.
    On June 18-24th, she is participating at the International Conference - 8th International Strategic Management Conference, in Barcelona, (proceedings published by Elsevier) with the working paper Regional and sustainable development in Italy.
    She has:
    -Doctoral studies, Doctor of Economics, November 2006, Academy of Economic Studies - Bucharest, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics and Economic Policies
    - Postgraduate Specialization, Public Relations, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication (1999 – 2000)
    - Educational Psychology Certificate and Economic Science Methodology, School Psychology, Pedagogy, Teaching Methodology, Pedagogy Practice, Academy of Economic Studies - Bucharest, Department of Teacher Training (1993-1997)
    - University Diploma, Economist, Agro-economics, General and Agrifood Marketing, Accounting, General Management of Agricultural Establishments, Statistical Economy and Modeling of Economic Processes, Academy of Economic Studies - Bucharest, Faculty of Economics and Management of Agricultural and Food Production (1993-1997)
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         Month: June , Domain: SOCIAL
    Elena-Claudia Rusu
    (born in 1973) graduated the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology (Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, Romania) in 1998 and has two university degrees, one in Psychology and one in Sociology.
    In 2008 she got her Ph.D. in Psychology (Psychotherapy) with a novel paper about cinema therapy and she proposed the Romanian concept of “filmoterapie”. The first part of this paper was published as a book, at the end of 2008 and its name is Psychology & Cinematography. The Psycho-social functions of movies.
    She also published in Romanian the following books: Society and Cultural Diversity in 2004; Cognitive Psychology in 2007; New Currents in Psychology. An Introduction to Transactional Analysis in 2010 and in the middle of 2012 she published a new book, Contemporary Theories and Paradigms in Psychology, with her friends and colleagues, also psychotherapists and University Assistants, Oana Madlen Panescu and Alexandrina Carmen Ene.
    From 1998 to present she is teaching as a Junior Lecturer at the Faculty she has been graduated and she has a private practice as a psychotherapist in her own psychological office.
    She is interested in studing new theories and paradigms in psychology, especially the transpersonal psychology.
    Elena-Claudia Rusu has followed trainings in CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy), Transactional Analysis and Systemic Family Psychotherapy- the method of Family Constellations, created by Bert Hellinger (Germany).
    At the moment she is facilitating Family Constellations groups and she is supervised by Barbara Morgan (England), who is a Gestalt psychotherapist and a former student of Bert Hellinger.
    Elena-Claudia is a Reiki Master and she was trained in Qi-Gong and archaic methods of healing. She has learned this methods from Aurel Mocanu (Romania), Carlos Sauer (Brasil) and Lakota Chief Vernon Foster (USA).
    From 2010 to present she is interested in studying and practicing Orthodox Psychotherapy.
    Her e-mail address is: claudiaerusu@yahoo.com

         Month: October , Domain: SCIENCES
    Associate Professor Liliana Guran graduated from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography in 1985 and obtained the PhD degree from the Romanian Academy for The geographic study of the foreign direct investments in Romania.

    After 1990 she became a researcher in the Institute of Geography of the Romanian Academy, and since 2002 she has been first lecturer and then associate professor at the Faculty of Geography of ”Spiru Haret” University.

    Her research activity over a period of 22 years was focused on rural, social, regional and economic geography , materialized in over 60 papers published in geographical Romanian and foreign reviews, as well as more than 60 national and international scientific meetings. The studies carried out have targeted the revealing of the geographic and socio-economic characteristics of the national and regional space of Romania.

         Month: November , Domain: SCIENCES

    Alina Olteanu

    Alina Olteanu received her B.S. degree in Computer Science and her M.S. degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Bucharest and Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania, respectively. She earned her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, USA. Her Ph.D. dissertation is entitled: Network Security: Design, Analysis and Tradeoff Evaluation. Dr. Olteanu is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, Romania.

    Dr. Olteanu currently is a member of the editorial board of the ISRN: Sensor Networks journal and has served as an evaluator for the Romanian National Council of Scientific Research in the grant competition of 2011.

    Her primary research interests include wireless sensor networks, wireless network security, network performance optimization and lightweight cryptography.

         Month: February , Domain: SCIENCES
    Ioana Andreea MARINESCU

    Education and training resulting from the knowledge gained in the attendance and completion of study forms and specializations school, undergraduate and doctoral level, as follows:

    - High school High School Chemistry \"Costin Nenitescu\" Pitesti (1990-1994), High School Diploma;

    - Faculty of Sciences, Department Physics-Chemistry, University of Pitesti, (1996-2000) with a Bachelor\'s degree, 4 years full time;

    - Faculty of Financial Management Accounting, Management Specialization, Spiru Haret University, Bucharest (2009-2012), with bachelor\'s degree, full time.

    In 2007 we completed postgraduate masters course in project management / scientific research and education Ecological University of Bucharest.

    In 2010, I graduated Ph.D., obtaining a Ph.D in Science at the University of Petrosani (Order of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport no. 4542/28.07.2010).

    In 2002 I was issued a certificate of completion in education award, Chemistry, by the Minister of Education no. 4889, which validates my competence and preparation for higher educational activity.

    Since 2010, in addition to training, I joined the second doctorate at the Free International University of Moldova, Moldova, specialization: Management, to complete interdisciplinary skills in chemistry and physics.

    In addition professional profile can be found and other forms of training, refresher and specialization that have graduated over time as follows:

    - Training in advanced sciences, namely biotechnology and Biomedical field, by conducting chemical analysis and biomedical high-resolution medical institutions, local and national.

    - In this framework, I, as a member of the Order biochemists, biologists and chemists in the health system in Romania am a holder of Authorisation no. 121/2010.

    - I have obtained certificate of graduation teaching pedagogy for teaching activities (Postgraduate Teaching and Pedagogical Training) by validating professional competence through completed (2002).

    - I got the certificate of completion of training programs for skills trainer by the Ministry of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (2010), in Romania of Tomorrow Foundation, the Center for Training professional.

    Following high school that I made in chemistry profile, and the profile degree in chemistry and physics and chemistry specialization, continuing with doctoral improvement in innovative problem of extracting useful substances from bio-geological environment have extended the training environment and have acquired skills through:

    - I obtained from Ministry of Health Authorisation free practice (no. 121/2010) for the profession of chemist in facilities approved by the Ministry of Health, in accordance with Law no. 460/2003, as a result of competence to practice biochemist, biologist and chemist;

    - I obtained the certificate (series 945/42/2005) National Expert in General Management and Management Consulting, including health services;

    - I graduated school sanitary college over 3 years, obtaining certificate of competence for nurses in pharmacy health care and teaching.

    As a member of the Order of biochemists, biologists and chemists have developed activities in the health system in Romania (engaged in laboratory tests at SC Dr. Necula SRL Pitesti).

    From 2010 I was employed as a Senior Researcher in the project to improve the systems efficient use of renewable energies (project financed by EU structural funds, Axis 4/2010 of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports).

    In this context, are collectively responsible research position for the theme on biophysical and biochemical consequences of the use of renewable resources, those unconventional economic efficiency, energy-human interaction design technique and is framed by the director of the project.

    The solutions given are seeking competitive advantage for Scientific biophysical and biochemical environmental management and utilization of renewable energy resources, particularly solar energy, using innovative collection systems, to convert solar radiation into heat, to alter the thermal regime in infrastructure to improve living conditions in human communities.

    I published a total of 10 books, 6 in field biophysical / biochemical.

    One of the books published is cataloged in the cultural, literary, is provided as complete personal conceptual way of thinking, developed for the scientific and technical area acquired on the improvement of teaching and learning teaching and education. I published 2 articles ISI referring to simultaneous chemical absorption problems, namely the problem of absence of lead and mercury ions.

    I also published 6 articles yet rated B +, ISI.

    In this context, the scientific and educational institutions in national and international have made a real contribution to completing the study and research resources in biophysics and biochemistry, eco-technologies, general eologizării environment, promoting extensive knowledge of contemporary issues in physics and chemistry.

    I published a total of 43 articles in physics, chemistry, scientific, technical and economic journals recognized at home and abroad.

    As a researcher in the Solar Energy Research Unit Pitesti is the author, co-author and contributor to two scientific papers in collective contract / grant from EU structural funds and the Knowledge Development Foundation have membership the research team for ongoing projects.

    I also developed and presented five papers at scientific sessions of physical-chemical technical and economic in the country and abroad.

    I attended and presented a number of 3 Scientific abroad at prestigious international meetings in Egypt and Moldova.

    Concerns the issue of renewable energy in the surrogate by physical and chemical, biophysical and biochemical respectively, are reflected by allowing the author of a number of 4 papers (2010) in International Conference organized by Energy World Energy Council.

    In those works are dealt with aspects of the new regime bases mainly quasi-regenerative heat in buildings using renewable energy in conjunction with some original considerations on the interaction man-sufficiency energy and conventional energy resources in Romania.

    However, the content of scientific materials accepted at international events of World Energy Council have treated the general context of reconturării energy potential in Romania and, on this basis, we advanced new technical-scientific ideas about how to isolate balanced infrastructure construction to optimize the thermal conventional comfort favorable, so linking biophysical and biochemical structure of human behavior to find optimized.

    In the Magazine Mine (2008) (rated B + ISI) have reported problems present in the gold mining alluvial area Merisani-Arges, and in 2 articles we systematically topics related to improving processes operating and recovery of gold alluvial, describing models for optimization-based biophysical and biochemical exploration, economic, technical and productive field.

    Creative activity and research in biophysics and biochemistry is the result of systemic vision and their ability to generalize the positive conventional solutions obtained in the work personally permanent school community, university education in general.

    The essential aspect of the scientific and professional field biophysics and biochemistry resulting from articulation, that composition concerns in the context of professional personal training to acquire skills that are favorable practical behavior in the new knowledge-based economy, while the scientific research, novelty and innovation characterizes modern economic and operational structures.

         Month: January , Domain: ECONOMICS
    Jelev Viorica

    Between 12 to 16 November 2012, at Howard Johnson Hotel Bucharest, I attended the 11th edition of Biz Days, the largest business-to-business event in Romania. This landmark event in the Romanian business environment, offered me the chance to meet in each of the five days that the event lasted, personalities of each business domain:

    Day 1 - Entrepreneurship - I met entrepreneurs value added big names leading Romanian business success with international presence and I found how and what to change in thinking, behavior and action to make programming for success.

    Day 2 - Innovation - We found the latest technologies that differentiate IT sector leaders and found new sources of innovation: consumers. I heard some studies from both corporations and innovative strategy among ingenious start-ups that compensates f financial resources with creative ideas.

    Day 3 - Management – In this section I found the answer to the current dilemma for managers: Survival in the short term vs. long-term sustainability

    Day 4 - Responsibility CSR- about sustainable development projects, case studies on sustainability, strategies and concepts to be implemented.

    Day 5 - Media and Marketing- I heard exclusive special reports based on market studies, keynote speech from some of the most influential cultural romanian specialists.

    The event was specialized audience every day bringing together about 2,500 top and middle managers, entrepreneurs, communication specialists, consultants, investors, officials and representatives of NGOs, decision makers and media representatives. Read more...

         Month: March , Domain: ECONOMICS
    Jelev Viorica
    Faculty of Marketing and International Business
    On 27 feb.2013 attended the first edition of Retail Revolution Conference, an event dedicated to retail success strategies that helped to reinvent and expand stores even during the recession. The event was moderated by Marta Usurelu, editor of the magazine Biz. They discussed how the retail map has changed by adapting to the needs Shopper upgraded from Romania. The event was attended by key players who have bet and managed to expand in recent years. The event brought together industry leaders, decision makers and specialists in marketing and advertising from the important brands present in Romania. The participants had the opportunity to discuss challenges and trends in this field of the current year.
    On March 5, the same location of Howard Johnson, she attended the workshop Social Media Summit. The workshop represents the edition Social media as innovation in media inside the program Romanian National Conference and it is part of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the media, financed by European Social Fund through the Sectorial Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013.
    If 2012 was one of Facebook and social networks occupied the first position in the top channel of promotion, 2013 promises a number of noteworthy changes into account. In a market that includes nearly 3 million readers of blogs and more than 5.6 million Facebook users in Romania, business sites alternative to more clearly see the huge budgets spent on traditional advertising campaigns. Social Media interaction becomes amplifier brands and consumers preferred medium for transmitting and communicating brand experience. Among the guests we noticed personalities such as:
    • Luiz Moutinho, Foundation Chair of Marketing, Founding Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Modelling in Management (JM2),
    • Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow,
    • Michael Koch, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Catalyst Group,
    • Alexandru Negrea, Social Media Manager, BCR,
    • Daniel Enescu, Co-Owner, Daedalus Group
    And this time the moderator was Marta Usurelu, Chief Editor, Magazine Biz Read more...

         Month: December , Domain: ECONOMICS
    Daniela Pasnicu

    Research activity 2012-2013:

    (2012) Daniela Pasnicu, Gabi Tudose, The Role of the work force skills in the innovation process in the flexicurity culture- The Romanian case study, International Conferince in Engineering & Business Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Sibiu, Romania, http://www.cedc.ro/conf.brcee/media/Conference%20program/Program_Conferinta_2012.pdf, ISBN 978-606-12-0369-7, ISSN 1843-6730;
    Published study
    (2012) Daniela Pasnicu (coauthor), Study on gender segregation in the labor market, developed within the project Profeminantrep-promoting equal opportunities in entrepreneurship, Publishing House of Tomorrow Foundation Romania, http://www.profeminantrep.ro/uploads/STUDIU_PRIVIND_SEGREGAREA_DE_GEN_PE_PIATA_MUNCII.pdf.
    Research projects
    1. (Project Director), Integrated Management System for workers migration flows for appropriate management of economic migration, financed by the Sectorial Plan, contract no.3/11.06.2012, INCSMPS contractor, MMFPS beneficiary.
    2. (Short Term Expert), lecturer at the Information Regional Seminar from the Project Occupational Security Health, a prerequisite for competitiveness, 2012-2013,http://ssm-competitivitate.inpm.ro/
    Organizers: National Institute of Research- Development of Labour Protection Alexandru Darabont Bucharest, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, http://ssm-competitivitate.inpm.ro/?page_id=118
    3. (Long Term Expert) in the project ProFeminAntrep-promoting equal opportunities in entrepreneurship, POSDRU/97/6, 3/S/6424 ESF. 01.10.2010 -01.09.2012, http://www.profeminantrep.ro/despre-proiect
    List of publications
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         , Domain: ECONOMICS
    Luminita Ionescu

    National and International Affiliation

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         Month: March , Domain: HUMANITIES
    Ramona Mihaila
    Researcher at Central Research Institute, Associate Professor at Faculty of Letters, Spiru Haret University, Bucharest. She is the author of Identity Construction: Female Characters in 19th Century Fiction (2008), Current Issues (2006), co-editor of Aspects of European Civilizations (2009), Gender Studies: Woman Inside and Outside the Box (2010), Gender Studies in the Age of Globalization (2011), co-author of Communication Matters in Mass Media and Cultural Studies (2008) and Introspective Debates (2010). She was visiting Associate Professor, International School of Letters and Cultures, Arizona State University, (2010), trainee, Huygens Institute, The Hague (2011), research fellow, University of Southampton and Chawton House Library (2012). She was the coordinator of the European Project, “Gender Studies and Gender Roles in Romania and Austria: A Contrastive Research of the Literary-Media Sources (2008–2011) while now she is a member of European Project COST Action ISO 091 “Women Writers into History” (2009–2013).

         Month: April , Domain: ECONOMICS
    Liana Stanculea
    She finished the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics Specialization from University of Bucharest in 1978 operating time as a teacher of mathematics.
    In 2010 she received a Ph.D. degree in Cybernetics and Statistics economoc Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca with the thesis Contributions to the conception, design and implementation of informatic system for commercial small and medium enterprises MEGA MIX Publishing House, Iasi, 2010.
    I published a series of articles about computerization of SMEs in Tribuna Economica, computer section, and international databases
    Some of her concerns include e-learning with the following items: E-Assessment, Learning and Appreciation

         Month: January , Domain: ECONOMICS

    is PhD Professor at the Faculty of Financial Management Accounting from Craiova, Spiru Haret University, Romania, where she teaches Elements of Information Technology, Business Informatics, Databases, Decision System Support, E-Business.
    She received in 2005 PhD diploma in economy, research area: Economic Cybernetic from University of Craiova, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.
    She is also the manager of the European Research Centre of Managerial Studies in Business Administration (www.cesmaa.eu) and Vice-president – projects implementation of Association for Sustainable Education, Research and Science (www.asers.eu).
    Starting with 2008, she joined as volunteer in RePEC team to edits weekly report on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy and from 2010 is General Editor of New Economic Papers.
    Present researches: 2 grants: AT no.80GR/2007 Organizational Reengineering as Efficient Solution for Basic Restructuring of Business. Study Case Concerning the Elaboration of the Reengineering Projects Using Informational Technologies and PCE_II_2008 _2_IDEAS The Management of Knowledge for the Virtual Organization. Possibilities to Support Management using Systems Based on Knowledge’ funded by The National University Research Council from Romania, 4 Books and many articles in business informatics field and participations at international conferences.
    For more details about her activities here.

         Month: January , Domain: ART

    Maria Duda

    Lecturer PhD. (UAUIM), arch. (AAM UNISI)
    She teaches Urban experience, Contemporary technologies, Construction materials and Architectural design studio at Spiru Haret University, Faculty of Architecture.
    She has 5 years of experience in organizing the Bucharest Urban Scenarios workshop www.scenariiurbane.ro , organizing conferences with foreign guests (V. Olgiati, E. Zenghelis, D. and U. Waelchli Brauen, G. Daneshgar, P . Gartmann) and exhibitions (Carturesti Teahouse, Night of the Museums, Street Delivery - Urban Scenarios Pavilion), publishing (Manifestos for Bucharest, articles in Arhitectura magazine, presentations at conferences and international workshops). In 2014 she publically presented the doctoral thesis Reality, expectations, offer. The present public space of Bucharest . Bucharest central squares.

         Month: November , Domain: HUMANITIES
    Lecturer PhD Valentina Bianchi

    • A graduate of the University of Bucharest, with a thesis in French on the theatre of the absurd >
    • Ph.D. of the University of Bucharest, CESI (Center of Excellence in the Study of Image), with a comparative study of the French surrealism versus Belgian surrealism of French expression>
    • As a specialist of the XX-th century French literature (mainly poetry and theatre), as well as of francophone studies (Belgian), she is the author of numerous articles on the contemporary literature and art (Samuel Beckett, Eugène Ionesco, Paul Nougé, Claire Lejeune, the phenomenon of the avangarde, etc) >
    • She has recently earned several research scholarships at Musée et Archives de la Littérature, Bruxelles, offered by the Wallonie-Bruxelles International, Ministry of the French Community in Belgium, in order to study contemporary Belgian literature and contemporary French literature>
    • She is co-author (with Savin Bratu, Ion Braescu, Elena Brateanu et alii) of the enciclopedic Dictionary of French Writers, published at Polirom, 2012, under the coordination of Angela Ion, with articles on French theatre>
    • Author of Paul Nougé, René Magritte, L’objet bouleversant, Ed. Presses Interuniversitaires Européennes (P.I.E) Peter Lang, Bruxelles, 2015>
    • Member of AEEF (Association Européenne des Etudes Francophones)